Instructions for the independent traveler to Telendos:

This report complied by Phil Gregory based on an original by Penny - so any opinions, errors and omissions are ours!! 

The nearest airport is Kos - for years they have been saying that the airport on Kalymnos will be open next year (GMT) (2002 update - we are now told it will be up and running by October 2002 - if you believe that!....)

So, take a plane to Kos - the planes are usually overnight, which is quite unpleasant, but they do fit in with the boats marginally better. It is possible to fly to Athens and then get a flight to Kos, and you don't need to change airport if you fly from the UK with Olympic airways, (they are very good).  However, make sure you confirm and re-confirm your flights home. The Greeks have been known to cancel internal flights....

The flight to Kos is about 3  Hours ( from the UK).  You then need to get to Mastihari (there are two ports on Kos, Mastihari is much closer to Kalymnos). A taxi should be about 10-12 Euros. There are usually a few taxis outside the airport - speak to other people in the queue, you will usually find someone to share with - and so reduce the cost. At Mastihari I have confirmed that the Mastihari Beach Hotel is open 24 hours per day this season (2002) The rooms are basic and clean. Also there is the Sea Breeze Hotel - not 24 hours but the hotel is more quiet and the rooms more pleasant (in my opinion) Contact numbers for both hotels are on this Link 

The hotels are only a few hundred meters from the Ferry port.  There may be charter boats going - ask the Reps if they have people going to Kalymnos. They won't let you on their buses, (insurance!!) - but you should be able to get on the boat - just ask the Captain. It is the Captain's decision, NOT the Reps. The Mastihari ferry is about 3 Euros, the charter boats tend to be a bit more expensive - about 10 Euros. The problem with getting a charter boat is that you may end up in Pothia in the middle of the night, when it will be harder to find rooms, and the taxi boats to Telendos don't start until 7am. For further information - do not hesitate to contact George at On The Rocks Cafe, Telendos.

For May 2002 there are 3 ferry boats a day - they fit in with the flights from Athens. Depature times are:

From Mastihari Arrive Kalymnos From Kalymnos Arrive Mastihari
- - 07:00 approx 08:00
09:00 approx 10:00 15:30 approx 16:30
17:30 approx 18:30 19:30 approx 20:30
19:30 approx 20:30 - -

These time may vary - I'll update as I find out new times (Last update 25/04/2002)

As you can see the boat takes about an hour, and takes you to Pothia, the capital of Kalymnos. Here you need to take another taxi - try to get off the boat first, and walk quickly to the taxi rank - you can't miss it, but there are always lots of people wanting taxis. People may also offer accommodation - to visit Telendos you either want to stay on Telendos, or be in Myrties or Missouri. Missouri is bigger than Myrties, but is further to walk to the taxi boats. You do not need to arrange accommodation at this point. You can easily find rooms in Myrties, Missouri or Telendos when you arrive - or you can call George Trikilis at On The Rocks before you go - he has rooms, or will be able to put you in touch with other people on the Telendos with rooms.

Another disadvantage of the charter boats is that there may not be many taxis waiting at the harbor.  It is a short walk to the taxi rank, ask for directions.

Ask the taxi to take you to Myrties, you will be driven through beautiful Greek scenery across Kalymnos, and when you are nearly there you will turn a corner, and there it is, the beautiful Island of Telendos !!! The journey is about 20 minutes, 5-7 Euros.

At Myrties take the taxi boat across to Telendos, approx 1.20 Euros. They go every half an hour, GMT, - or when they are full. They start at about 7am, and run until lam.

When you arrive at Telendos you will see Pension Rita and Uncle George on your right. Go past these, and carry on, onto a rough footpath, past the ruins of  Ayios Vasilios on your left, then past Fortini and Plaka, then you will see On The Rocks – here you will find George and Popi, and George’s Mum, Popi.

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