Telendos was separated from Kalymnos by the 554AD earthquake lasting 14 days, during which a whole village was submerged by the sea - the marble pillars of the ruined village can still be seen on a calm day. A second village was left abandoned by the same earthquake after being lifted high above the sea. The village church Ayios Konstantinos is still visited by locals on special holy festivals but only after a mountainous hike

Look around and as with most Greek Islands Telendos has a whole host of Ancient Ruins and numerous churches. Saint Vasilis (Ayios Vasilios) is said to be the oldest on Telendos, now in disrepair, but within the rocks you can still find pieces of engraved marble tablets and earthenware.

Churches are erected where icons are found, Saint George's (Ayios Yiogios) is no exception. It is said that horse hoof marks in the rocks behind the church are those of Saint George’s steed.

On the ferry over from Myrties on the left edge of the island you may be able to make out a side profile of a face.

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According to legend a Princess sent a lit candle across the water to her lover. Should it return still alight this meant he still loved her. The boat returned, with no sight of a burning candle. Hence her heart was broken and her face cast in the rocks, forever a reminder of her love lost


On The Rocks